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Regional Blueprints are collaborative planning processes that engage residents of a region in articulating a vision for the long term future of their region.  The regional vision is developed from residents’ values and priorities, and informed by advanced GIS modeling and visualization tools that demonstrate the impacts of growth and planning decisions.  The process leads to the development of alternative growth scenarios for the region, and through a public process a preferred growth scenario is selected that can then guide regional and local land use and transportation decisions for a future that is sustainable, while meeting residents' needs and providing a high quality of life for all. 

The Caltrans Regional Blueprints program supports collaborative regional planning efforts across California through grants, support services and interagency coordination. 

FY 2012/2013 Blueprint Grant Application:

Blueprint Grant Instructions

Blueprint Grant Application


FY 2012/2013 Blueprint Grant Application Samples:

Comprehensive Engagement Strategies

Project Schedule

Resolution Template

Scope of Work


California's Rural Regional Blueprint Program: A Look at Four Rural Counties

2010 California Regional Progress Report tracks our regions' and our state's progress towards sustainability across twenty indicators.



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BLUEPRINT Staff Contacts

Garth Hopkins, Chief, Office of Regional and Interagency Planning (916) 654-8175

Dara Wheeler, Regional Blueprint Project Manager (916) 653-2355

Martha Martinez, Transportation Planner, Northern California Regions (916) 651-6010